Despite course management being very demanding, superintendents are often on their own when it comes to
meeting their OH&S obligations.
Do you use the best possible chemical solutions and are all of your labels & SDS up to date?
Find the most suitable pesticides for your situation
Access the latest SDS and product labels
Receive email alerts of changes to SDS & labels
How confident are you that your operation would pass an OH&S or industry audit?
Automate your record-keeping and compliance process
Automate and fulfill your post-accreditation requirements
Integrate these obligations into your daily operation management
Could you manage operations in a simpler and more efficient way?
Plan, map and record all daily operations
Track and record productivity and profitability
Generate reports on every aspect of your facility

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Our Products

Chemical Caddy® is an easy to use web-based system, which provides a full suite of tools to aid operation planning and management including compliance with all legal and OH&S requirements related to the storage and the use of pesticides.

Our Services

We provide a range of services to help users of our systems to better understand, deploy and use the Chemical Caddy® products. We also, offer comprehensive on-site chemical safety audits.