Chemical Caddy is an online turf management application for golf course, racetrack and similar applications, which provides rapid development of operation plans, facilitates compliance with OH&S legislation, regulations and codes of practice relating to stored chemical records and pesticide legislation and regulations concerning pesticide application records.

Subscription to Chemical Caddy offers convenient 24/7 access to unlimited downloads of Material Safety Data Sheets. Subscriptions last for one year (365 days), after which time you may keep your Chemical Caddy account, as long as you renew your subscription for a further year within 21 days of the expiry.

Do you already have an account and need to renew?
If you already have an account, or your subscription has expired, you can renew your subscription for a further year.

Ultimate Compliance

This full turf operations planning, chemical compliance and pesticide application recording solution offers:


  • Access to tens of thousands of manufacturer SDS
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Chemical register for up to 50 chemicals
  • Notification of changes to SDS documents for products in chemical register
  • Problem solving tool to locate the most suitable pesticide solutions for a particular pest and/or situation based on comprehensive and up-to-date information
  • Comprehensive reporting functionality
  • Automatically generated Dangerous Goods Manifest
  • Chemical segregation tool
  • Satellite mapping of storage areas
  • Subdivision of storage areas
  • Comprehensive recording of pesticides treatments
  • GPS mapping of treated areas and production areas
  • Calendar of chemical operations
  • Accounting
  • Automated creation of placards and chemical labels - optional
  • Automated chemical risk assessment - optional
  • Multiple storage area management - optional
  • Multiple users - optional

Multi-site Management

This subscription option enables the management of two or more golf courses or race courses


  • Management of multiple storage areas at golf courses or race courses
  • Single point administration for all managed areas
  • Ultimate Compliance Subscription functionality
  • Multiple users – optional